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Smoke & Soot Removal

Structural damage caused by a fire is one of the easiest items to address when restoring a fire damaged property. The most complicated, and most damaging, problem caused by a fire is smoke and soot.

Every residential and commercial structure is constructed with different materials – no two structures are the same. When these structures catch fire, not only do the flames behave differently, but different types and different combinations of smoke and soot are created. The types and combinations of smoke and soot differentiate greatly in their characteristics, and the cleanup and removal process varies greatly for each.

The professionals at Emergency & Mold Specialists are trained to identify each type of soot and smoke, as well as the numerous combinations of the two, and are trained on how to properly clean up and remove them quickly.

Smoke and soot can be very damaging. The damage to your home or business can become permanent if not removed immediately. If you’ve experienced fire damage, do not hesitate – call Emergency & Mold Specialists immediately!

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