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Odor Removal

Another problem property owners face after a fire, addition to the structural, smoke, and soot damage, is odor. The unique nature of a structural fire can create some very unique odors. These odors can remain long after the structural damage has been repaired and the smoke and soot has been removed. The odors caused by structural materials and furnishings that burn in a fire can permeate undamaged walls, floors, carpets, and even concrete.

Odor Removal is not an overly complicated process. It does require some specialized training, but the most important requirement for proper, permanent odor removal is common sense. Odor Removal after a fire isn’t as simple as shampooing a rug, spraying deodorizer, or wiping down walls and surfaces with your favorite household cleaner. Most odors caused by a disaster such as a fire are caused by bacteria, mold, mildew, and similar micro-organisms. Shampooing an affected area or wiping it down will simply spread the micro-organisms around.

How Odors Spread During A Fire

Heat is the driving force during a fire. Heat will drive the smoke created into every possible opening, causing the smoke to become very deeply imbedded in fabrics, wood, and other porous items. Smoke is very complex in nature and it can be very difficult to properly remove smoke odors due to the absorption properties of a structure’s building materials smoke’s characteristics of penetration and absorption into building materials. Each surface in your home or business is unique. As such, each surface will require a different odor removal treatment.

The professionals at Emergency & Mold Specialists are trained in the most current methods of odor removal, and will use the latest techniques and technology to properly, and permanently, remove smoke odors from your home or business.

Odor Removal Technologies Used:

  • Thermal Fogging
  • Ozone Treatment
  • HEPA air scrubbing treatments